DIY Face Serum - Does it Stack Up Financially?

Hey lovely! 
Let's test how your favourite DIY face serum stacks up against an off the shelf blend. 

 cho dropper

We know that our oily blends are better for our skin, hormones and vitality but what about our wallet?

Off the shelf = $100. 

Whereas to make your own it's just..... 

🔸️ 30ml 'Cho' glass serum dropper bottle = $14 
🔸️ 30ml Jojoba oil = $4.80 
🔸️ 10 💧 Frankincense Oil = $3.40 
🔸️ 5 💧 Lavender Oil = 55c 
🔸️ 5 💧 Tea Tree Oil = 45c 

Total: $23.20 (first time only)
Refills: $9.20 (💃💃💃💃)

Cost is becoming more and more a factor for so many in our oily communities since COVID hit so that's eighty reasons for you and your sceptical friends to make the switch today. 

Once you've tried it, you'll never go back.

Love, Von xoxo 

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