Labour Naturally

Labour Naturally.

I saw my ob last week and baby is head down ready to go. As week 38 looms and being very hopeful for a VBAC (I had an emergency caesarean with my first bub) I am keen to get labour going naturally. I blended this baby up this weekend ready to slather all over - clary sage and coconut oil 🤰This along with prenatal relaxation exercises and a few other tips and tricks are on the cards this week - on advice from my ob and midwife.

There are many ways to induce labour, but if you’re looking for a natural remedy, essential oils can be your best bet. They are used by many doulas and midwives to help relieve labour pains and to help labour progress.

The benefits of essential oils is that they provide physical, mental, and emotional with no synthetic properties, making it a safe option for both mum and baby.

So what are some of the best essential oils to use prior to and during labour??

Clary Sage l stayed away from during pregnancy as it is amazing help start contractions naturally. Use at full term or in the last few weeks only. You can rub this oil on alone or in a blend, apply on ankles and abdomen.

Geranium helps to calm and de-stress mum during labour. It can also be used in the second and third trimester to treat exhaustion, edema, haemorrhoids and varicose veins. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and some say it works as an anti-depressant as well. This essential oil is also really good for massage (thanks hubby!).

Lavender is a natural pain reliever and will reduce pain in the uterus as well as the back, legs and can even help with headaches. It is also a great oil to use during labour to help keep calm. Lavender can also be used with coconut oil to apply to the skin and prevent stretch marks.

Peppermint can get a breech or posterior baby into birthing position! My bubba was breech at my last ob appointment and I’ve been using this daily and good news, bub is now ready to go. Your experience may be different but worth giving a go! Rub this oil on the top of the abdomen or the lower back to encourage baby to get into a better birthing position.

Ylang Ylang will help calm a racing heartrate and get you to relax. A really good one to use in conjunction with some mindfulness to clear your headspace and destress.

I’ve put this lovely Clary Sage blend in Yuki.

Let me know your tips and tricks to get baby moving! Sales and deals are available every day until baby comes just ask me about our latest deals.   

Bring on baby #2!

Love Von xoxo

Clary Sage Blend in 30ml Yuki Dropper

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