The Most Luscious DIY Face Serum

At the moment, life is hectic in our household and one of the ways I've been able to find my minutes of pure bliss and peace has been by using my face serum with my Gua Sha roller in the morning. 

You don't necessarily need all the fancy oils to blend a beautiful, lush and nourishing face serum but for the blend below I have gone with some of the fancy ones ;). 

Frankincense for calming and soothing the skin, Copaiba for its anti inflammatory properties and Lavender for calming and relaxation. Tea Tree is great for any sores, beauty spots or acne and is well known as a natural remedy.  

Give this a try, I have not found a more luxe blend of oils for a face serum. It has really helped open my pores and reduced old scarring from acne I suffered with as a teen. 

You will love it. 

Here's the mix... 

- Frankincense 

- Copaiba 

- Lavender 

- Tea Tree 

- Jojoba oil to top it up.  


 It's 30 drops in total! You can add as much or as little of each as you like but if you're like me and want to be exact, you can go 5 drops of each and then a couple extra with your favourite before topping up with Jojaba. 

Voila! You now have the most lush, natural face serum you'll ever need. 

Use this blend with one of our beautiful droppers like Emiko, Yuki, Cho or the brand new Keomi (part of our Spring Collection) to make yourself feel like a goddess as you find your five. 

 Let me know your favourite blends. 

Love, Von xoxo 

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