The Three Biggest Challenges for Oily Businesses in 2021

Running a successful oily biz is hard. Sometimes it can feel like you're battling uphill and not making any progress. 


I guess the truth of it is that running any business successfully is hard. 


It takes two years for a business to become properly established and the issue is it's so easy to quit and give up when you don't start seeing immediate results. 

Or when a strategy you've been using no longer works.


Take COVID for example... This really messed up the business model for SOO many of us oily biz gals in 2020 relying on workshops to generate interest and recruit new customers.


No socialisation, no oily biz events, no new clients.... 


Now in 2021 is to figure out where our businesses fit. 


Here's the three biggest challenges I see: 


1. Peoples behaviours have changed!


We got used to not spending every spare minute running around being busy and many of the events we used to do in person are now done online. 


The issue with this is for your oily business it may be a lot harder to close clients online than it was face to face. 


2. Facebook and Instagram aren't as effective


Yep... You've been wondering why you can no longer reach all your followers and your reach is so far down.. It's not just you! Facebook and Instagram don't work as well as they used to because Facebook want us to pay to reach our own followers now. Insane huh. 


On top of that, the Apple IOS 14 update limits Facebook's ability to track across different apps which makes your Facebook ads performance nowhere near as good. 


Don't lose hope, here's a few strategies you can use to use their algorithms to your advantage. 




3.  Uncertainty


This is probably the most difficult. We've had a difficult year and now facing a year ahead with uncertainty. Uncertainty is bad for business, people tend to hold their pennies and don't spend. 


This can make it difficult to feel like you're winning and feel like you're making any progress. 


There will be times when you feel like essential oils are dead and you may as well quit, but that's when you have to KEEP going!! 


Over time your efforts will compound and your business will really take off. Don't quit before you finally start to see your big growth period. 




That's my two cents. What do you think are the biggest challenges ahead for the oily world this year? 

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