Our Story

Our founder Von had an 'uhuh' moment in 2019 and realised conventional perfumes and body products are full of toxic chemicals that can prompt both short and long-term health problems.  These include the potential to disrupt our endocrine systems, messing with our hormones - no ones got time for that!  

We valued our life and our loves far too much to let that realisation pass us by. Know better, do better.  So we decided to start making our own home and beauty products using essential oils and it has been so fun!  The only thing missing were some beautiful bottles.  Cue, The Vessel Collection.

Our family owned business in Brisbane Australia is bringing you the finest, luxe, essential oil bottles on the market. You can be sure you're getting only the best because we've been in your shoes getting spray bottles which stick and rollers which scratch and we have done the work so you don't have to. 

All of our beautiful essential oil bottles are quality checked in-house by our team of oily lovers prior to sending. 

If you are new to the world of essential oils - don't panic!  We would love to help you on your journey - just email us at

Whatever oils you use just please promise us they are pure + therapeutic grade!

There are lots of ways you can use them to replace synthetic perfumes, or create natural ones.  In fact, you can create custom scents tailored to your preferences, your mood or the kind of day you’re having.

The best part is, as you smell the perfume blend you’re wearing throughout the day, you’ll be getting the aromatic benefit of the essential oils, too!  If your blend includes Orange, you’ll notice your mood lifting.  If you’re wearing Frankincense, you’ll experience a grounding, calming effect.  Blends with Clary Sage can help balance your hormones, as well as smell lovely.  How amazing, right?! 

What's your story? 

Maybe you are just starting out on your oily journey or maybe you're an old hat at the DIY stuff.  Maybe you're an essential oil biz owner and you're looking to grow your biz and help your friends!  Or maybe you stumbled across this page by accident.. 

No matter how you arrived, we'd love to get to know you.  We want you to know we are so glad you have chosen our gorgeous vessels to be part of your journey.

Any of our range will make your blends beautiful, Just Choose Your Vessel. 



Luxe, Minimal and Sustainable.

That's what we at The Vessel Collection are all about. Our collection of luxe glass aromatherapy bottles are designed for the minimalist life in mind.  

We believe that everyone needs a little luxe in their life, especially when you're making essential oil purefume blends.  But that's doesn't need to come with a exorbitant price tag or unnecessary products.  

We have kept our collection simple but beautiful and our prices the same.  

For us, luxury is a space that reflects your truest loves and the best of who you are. You put the best essential oils in your blends and our rollers, misters and droppers will make them as beautiful as they deserve to be.   

Our vessels are created to be a level of style and elegance that makes your heart happy and peaceful.

We make every effort to use sustainable packaging and want to minimise our impact on our environment. By buying our bottles and reusing them with your own pure fume blends, you will be helping prevent toxic waste from traditional perfume manufacturing.

We hope you love our collection as much as we do.