Essential Oils

The essential oils we love are made from plant extracts. Concentrated healing aromatic compounds are created either directly from the plant or during the extraction process.

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years – those wise old men were giving out frankincense to baby Jesus back in the day!

These days, essential oils are used for both therapeutic benefits and to enhance sensory experience. There are essential oils to help you breathe better, sleep better, relax, concentrate, focus and boost your energy!

The thing we love the most about essential oils is you can pick and choose exactly what goes into your blend. If you’re a perfume or scent off the shelves from a major retailer, chances are it will contain harmful parabens, fragrance and other toxins.

By using your oils with one of our essential oil bottles, you know exactly what you’re getting in your blend AND you get to make it look beautiful. Just make sure to use a therapeutic grade oil!

So, how do they work?

Well you can either inhale a blend via personal inhalation; just pour a few drops from your favourite blend onto your hands and breathe in. Through the nasal passage, the essential oils pass into the bloodstream and carry on throughout the body.  

Or, you can use one of our rollers to roll the essential oil blend directly onto the skin. This can be particularly good when you want a slower release.

Your nervous system is great at remembering things from the past, so don’t be surprised if particular scents revive old memories or you get a release of endorphins from some essential oils.

To get started, you could try some of the most common essential oils like lavender, pepper mint or tea tree! Lavender is calming and relaxing and will help you sleep better.

Tea tree has anti inflammatory properties and will help you body heal up or fight off infections. My parents were using tea tree oil for years to help heal up cuts or abrasions on us as children.

The easiest way to figure out where to get started is to think about what you want to achieve? What would you most like to experiment with? Do you want an oil to assist with your focus or zen state during meditation or do you want something to help you focus at work or on an important task?

Start from there and work your way up through experimentation. Find out what works and what your body likes.

Everyone is different and every oily journey is unique. There are some great posts with essential oil blends for particular purposes on our oily essentials blog so make sure to check those out!